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Cooking class with CeciliePhoto of hotel garden and pool

Cooking class with Cecilie

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Cooking is the perfect way to combine fun, team building and a great dining experience.

Our unique cooking course is arranged and is led by food enthusiast Cecilie Schandy Kvernvik, member of Eyvind Hellstrøm's Chef Guild.

The culmination of the course is a first-class dinner made by the participants themselves. Cecilie adapts the course to all levels and differentiates as needed so it is tailored for your group.

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The evening's program

The course will be about 5 hours, with subsequent dinner.
Usually we start at 4 p.m. with a goal to have the starter on the table at 8:30 p.m.

The courses begin in the dining room of the Sagafjord suite with a welcome drink and a short introduction by Cecilie. Then the group splits into teams that go to each suite, where they create the evening's menu.

Along the way Cecilie will share simple tips and tricks, share her knowledge of flavours and local produce, and show how to present the food in an enticing way.

When the food is ready, we gather everyone in the dining room of the Sagafjord suite to present the food - now it's a party!

After the festive dinner, the new master chefs can relax and enjoy a drink while we clean up and do the dishes.

The aim of the courses is to stimulate the joy of food and teach participants to make festive dishes that both look inviting and taste good.

The course participants will receive a separate booklet of recipes and advice to use at home after completing the course.

Party in Sagafjord suite

Course profiles

Our cooking courses are designed for groups from 6 to 14 people.
We can tailor a course to larger groups, get in touch to discuss.
Cooking class in the Colin Archer Suite
"The bottom line"

It is an old truth that one also "eats with ones eyes".

On this course you will learn how to make a delicious and tempting feast with simple details that will impress your guests. All the tips and smart solutions can also be transferred to everyday life to give finesse to everyday food.

With a focus on good local produce, we make three delicious and beautifully presented dishes that give the meal a little something extra for a dinner party.

Price: NOK 2,500 per person

  • Cooking class incl. 3/4 course party dinner
  • Wine package, welcome drink and selected wines for dinner
  • Recipe booklet and course certificate
  • Discount on accommodations in a suite
"Rustic Food"

This course focuses on the slightly more rustic part of the culinary spectrum. Cecilie share some truly irresistible temptations!

She will teach some of her best recipes, which include homemade sausages and other tasty delights.

We cook with beer, and food suitable for beer. The evening culminates in a delicious, generous meal where all the good things we make should be enjoyed with a variety of special beers.

Price: NOK 2,500 per person

  • Cooking class incl. party dinner
  • Drink package, welcome drink and selected specialty beers
  • Recipe booklet and course certificate
  • Discount on accommodations in a suite