Strandgata 7 Apartment 1Strandgata 7 Apartment 1

Strandgata 7 Apartment 1

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Fantastic newly renovated holiday apartment with the view of a lifetime

Beautiful apartment with panoramic views of Risør's inner harbor. Large living room, and well-equipped kitchen and dining room.

One bedroom at the back, and a terrace outside with good sunlight. The apartment can be rented together with number 2 to create a large apartment with space for more people.

  • Great views
  • Outdoor space/garden
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Washing machine
  • Private parking
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suites in buvika

Welcome to «the Vatican»
One of Risør's oldest and most beautiful houses

Photo of the outside of the house

Buvikveien 26, locally called "the Vatican", is a listed house built in the 1700s as a holiday house to one of Risør's wealthiest businessmen.

The building was painstakingly restored by the hotel and today houses four fine suites with exquisitely charming décor and all modern amenities.

Here you can really dream of living as a Risør native during the age of sail!

Buvika is 900m away from reception, a lovely walk and there are good bikes included. There is private parking at the house.

Guests can have breakfast delivered to the suite.

Photo of the outside of the house
More suites in Buvika
Boatswain's Suite
Charming and rustic style in the loft of a listed house from 1752
One bedroom + extra bed
Garden View
Terrace in the garden
Matros Suite
Charming and rustic style in the loft of a listed house from 1752
One bedroom + extra bed
Sea view
Terrace in the garden
The Officer's Suite
Charming and romantic with sea views
One bedroom + extra bed
Sea view
Terrace in the garden
The Captain's Suite
Beautifully furnished with a view to the marina and the sea, perfect for a captain!
One bedroom + extra bed
Sea view
Terrace in the garden

suites in Storgata

A guesthouse since the early 20th century, today it houses the hotel's largest and most luxurious suites.

Photo of the outside of the house

Built in 1864 after a great fire destroyed much of the town, for many years there was a hotel/guest house on the 2nd and 3rd floors, first run by Søstrene Gislesen, and then Henny Paulsen.

Famed shipowner I.M. Skaugen also had his first shipping office here.

The whole block was completely restored by the hotel and today there is a reception and breakfast room on the 1st floor and two great suites on the floors above.

Behind the reception there is the hotel's parking and the Consulate and the Guesthouse Suite by the garden and swimming pool.

Historical photo of the hotel
More suites in Storgata
The Consulate
A suite suitable for a consul, three floors, lovely garden with heated swimming pool
Four bedrooms
Garden View
Terrace in the garden
Skaugen Suite
A stately suite with harbour views
Two bedrooms
View to the harbour
Private balcony
Guesthouse Suite
Perfect for a couple, peaceful and quiet with heated swimming pool
One bedroom
Garden View
Terrace in the garden
S/Y Ceres Suite
A stately suite with a slightly more modern feel and a west-facing balcony
Two bedrooms
View to the harbour
Private balcony

suites in kragsgate

Eight suites around a charming courtyard right in the historic Risør center

Photo of the outside of the house

Tucked away in a charming and quiet courtyard in the heart of Risør's historic centre, there are eight of our suites.

All suites have a maritime theme, with from two to five beds. In addition, the Sagafjord suite has room for 16 around the dining table – perfect for a party or meeting.

Most buildings are from 1864, originally two residential buildings with horse stables and haylofts. Plus the Convoy Suite, which is Risør's first electricity transformer built in 1900.

The restoration work here has been awarded serveral national prizes.

Photo of the backyard in Kragsgate
More suites in Kragsgate
Sailing Ship Suite
Luxury suite, bright, pretty and romantic with private patio
Three bedrooms
View to the backyard
Private terrace
The Convoy Suite
Two floors and a large, sunny terrace
Two bedrooms
Town View
Private balcony
Sagafjord Suite
One of our largest suites, with dining room to 16, perfect for a group of friends
Two bedrooms + extra bed
Town View
Private balcony
The Shipowner Suite
It's called the Shipowner's Suite, do we need to say more?
Two bedrooms + extra bed
View to the backyard
Private balcony
The Los Suite
Bright, airy and very romantic - you won't believe it was once a hayloft!
Two bedrooms
View to the backyard
Private balcony
Colin Archer
Rustic and romantic with a charming extra bed in the living room!
One bedroom + extra bed
View to the backyard
Private terrace
The Steamship Suite
Perfect for a small family with cozy bunk beds in the living room
One bedroom + extra bed
View to the backyard
Private terrace
NAL Suite
Incredibly evocative, here one can dream of traveling across the sea with the Norwegian America Line
One bedroom + extra bed
Town View
Private terrace
Frequently Asked Questions
When is Check-in/Check-out?
Check-in is from 15:00 at the reception, Storgata 5. It may be possible to check-in at 14:00, just check with the reception before arrival. In summer, especially in July, check-in is usually at 16.00 - that's because it takes quite a long time to wash a suite, and our cleaning staff must have enough time if there are many new arrivals.

Check-out is 11:00 in July, and 12:00 the rest of the year. It is often possible to get a late check-out - again just check with us if it is possible.

We come very late, is it possible to check in?
It is always possible to check in! We do not have a 24-hour front desk but there is always one of us nearby, if you arrive after the reception is closed simply arrange check-in before arrival or call when you take off the E18 towards Risør.
Dogs and pets

It is not allowed to bring a dog or other animals to the hotel, unless it is a guide dog and then only by appointment. Sorry!
We know that it is not popular among you with four-legged friends, but we have some sensitive antiques, furniture and fabrics in the suites, and have unfortunately experienced too many times that things are destroyed by pets or that it has been troublesome for other guests with barking, etc.

Does the hotel have its own parking?
We have a limited number of parking spaces that can be rented for NOK 150 per day and must be booked in advance. In case we do not have capacity, there is a large public parking lot 500 meters away in Tjenna.

Do you have a charging station for electric cars?
We have 7 charging stations in the city center, only for hotel guests.
Breakfast and other meals
When is breakfast served?
Breakfast is served from 7am - 10am Monday to Friday, from 8 - 11 on Saturday and from 08:30 - 12 on Sunday.

Can you have breakfast delivered to your room?
We offer a great breakfast basket, delivered to the door at a time of your choosing. It must be ordered no later than the night before.

Do you have dinner service?
We do not have a restaurant with "a la carte" menu, but it is possible to order dinner to a private party in your suite, with a chef and servers and a menu tailored to your wishes.

Otherwise, you can order a fabulous seafood platter delivered to your room, for NOK 750, or a charcuterie platter costs NOK 595.
Party, party and event
If a party or similar event is planned in one of the suites, it must be arranged with us before arrival for the sake of other guests and neighbors.

Feel free to contact us to plan your event.
Special needs, handicap rooms, allergies, etc.
Do you have cots?
Yes, just let us know before arrival that you need a cot, or a high chair.

Do you have a disabled room / accessible room?
We have a suite, the Colin Archer Suite , which is partially wheelchair accessible. Here there is a ramp to the front door and to the terrace, wide entrance to the bathroom, disabled toilet and high bed.

Do you have allergy-friendly rooms and options for those with food allergies?
We have three allergy-friendly rooms, we ask guests who have allergies to contact us before arrival to ensure that they get a suite that is adapted to their allergies.

We really appreciate being informed about food allergies / intolerances - we have gluten-free bread and lactose-free milk available, but if you have strong allergies to eggs, nuts, shellfish, for example, the hotel must be informed.

We can also offer vegetarian and vegan options upon request.
Swimming pool and wellness treatments
Do you have a spa or wellness area?
We do not have a spa facility but we have a treatment room where we offer massage treatment and wraps, you can also order massage treatment in your own suite. The suites “Gjestehuset” and “Konsulatet” also have access to a heated swimming pool.

Is the swimming pool open to all guests?
The swimming pool in Storgata is only for the use of guests staying in the suites located by the garden, the Consulate and the Guesthouse.

If you are part of a larger group that has rented several suites including those by the garden, then all guests of the company can dispose of the garden and pool.

Do you have a bodyguard for the swimming pool?
We do not have a bodyguard, the swimming pool is used at your own risk and children must have a responsible adult with them when they go swimming.
Is it allowed to smoke in the hotel?
Smoking inside the suites is strictly prohibited, if we find that a guest has smoked in the suite, we charge the credit card with a fee of NOK 5,000 afterwards.

Smoking is allowed on your own patio by the suite, but please have respect for other guests who do not smoke. Cigarette butts must be placed in water before they are thrown away and must not be thrown to the ground.