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Experiences and activities

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Unforgettable experiences, on land and on water.

There is a lot to do during your stay in Risør. Something as simple as walking the city's charming streets on foot, or pedalling around on a hotel bike, to an exclusive boat trip with a picnic in the archipelago.

The town is known for its art and cultural life with galleries, festivals and concerts throughout the year. Highlights include Risør Chamber Music Festival, Villvin Arts and Crafts Market, and The Wooden Boat Festival.

Let us help you get the best out of your Risør visit, we are happy to put together a tailored program whether you are travelling alone, with your loved one, family, friends or colleagues.

Photo of picnic on board a boat

Experiences in Risør town center

One of the great things about staying in Risør is that it's a short distance to everything. Either you can walk, or take one of our free hotel bikes. And in addition there is the wonderful nature right outside the door.
View of Risør harbour

Your suite is the perfect place to relax and recharge, but with our wellness treatments in the suite, relaxation is brought to a whole new level.

We have portable massage bench and have the possibility to provide treatments in the suite.

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Massage bench in hotel suite
Image of ceramics
Artist's studio tours

Some of Norway's most renowned artists and artisans are based in Risør. Several of them have their atelier in Risør Kunstpark (art park), a few steps from the hotel.

The art park has exhibitions in the gallery throughout the year, but it is also possible to get a tour of the studios, and possibly buy a work of art directly from the artist.

Arrange a studio visit

Yes, there are shopping opportunities all over the world, but in Risør town centre there is hardly a single chain store, just small niche shops.

From handicrafts to clothing, jewellery to fishing rods, many people manage to spend hours just looking in the shops.

If you are travelling with a group of friends, it is possible to arrange a "private shopping" experience at some of the shops with a welcome drink and extra good offers.

Risør Aquarium

Sørlandet's only saltwater aquarium is located in the centre of Risør. Here you can experience 500 fish and marine animals, mainly from Norwegian waters, but also exotic features such as clownfish and piranhas.

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Guided walks in Risør town center
Yoga in nature

Welcome to soft yoga in nature – good for body and soul.

This is a quiet hour that suits everyone, regardless of experience. You work with basic exercises in breathing and movement, and enter positions that create both mobility and stability in the body's overall system. A nice combination between dynamic and static exercises that allows for the exercise of focus and presence.

If the weather permits, we are at Dampskipsbrygga with its proximity to the sea or on Risør's roof Urheia. There's no better location for a Yoga class.

Out in the blue:
Adventurous experiences at sea

Risør is a town built on sea trade, once there were over 50 boat builders here and in the archipelago. This and Risør's safe harbour made it an important city in the 18th and 19th centuries.
View to the archipelago
Image of exclusive motorboat
Exclusive boat trips

Join an archipelago cruise aboard a unique wooden motorboat built by local boatbuilder Leif Nilsen.

With this beautiful motorboat we can accommodate from two to eight passengers on everything from an hour's cruise in the archipelago or fjords, to a day trip to the islands of Lyngør and Sandøya.

Food and drink are included, plus an experienced skipper!

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Historic sailing and wooden boat experience

Take a voyage with the old lifeboat Risør II, a historic boat that can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

We first take a small tour of the beautiful, unspoiled archipelago before continuing into the north fjord and Søndeled fjord to historic Moen Boatbuilders, where there will be guided tours and refreshments.

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Guided walks in Risør town center
Image of ceramics
Sea kayaking

One of the best ways to explore the archipelago is by kayak.

The silence and closeness to nature is good for both body and soul. Maybe you see seals or porpoises, pick oysters, or find a secret beach on your own island.

Experienced kayakers can rent a kayak, otherwise you can go on a guided trip.

Rent a rowing boat

It is only a short rowing trip from Risør center to beautiful islets and reefs.

There is hardly a more sustainable way to explore the archipelago than with a wooden rowing boat, and in addition, it's good fitness training! Bring a picnic and enjoy life by the ocean.

Rowing boats can be rented here
A rowing boat

Out in the wild:
Experience the beautiful coastal landscape on foot or by bike, in all seasons.

There is a lot to experience just a few steps from the hotel. Hiking trails, beaches, historical sites and more. Bring your backpack and enjoy a day out in nature.
View to the sea and a tree
E-bike rental

Experience Risør in an environmentally friendly and exciting way with our electric bikes from Buddy!

Explore the beautiful coastal landscape and charming streets with ease, thanks to electric power that takes you over hills and through narrow paths.

With our modern e-bikes, you can enjoy nature, lower your shoulders and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while experiencing the best of Risør.

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Image of lavvo
Image of exclusive motorboat
Risørflekken and Urheia

We recommend all guests to take the short walk up to white painted cliff called "Risørflekken". It is one of Southern Norway's oldest sailing navigation marks, with great views of Risør town, the harbour, Stangholmen lighthouse and the archipelago.

Take the trail further into Urheia, a beautiful nature area hiking trails, view points and two lakes with bathing areas.

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Ferry ride to Camp Skarvann

Take a trip on Norway's oldest wooden car ferry to Øysang, and either walk or bike from the ferry port to Camp Skarvann.

Camp Skarvann is located in scenic surroundings by a large freshwater lake Here you can try different activities in beautiful nature such as canoeing, hiking on trails, swimming or enjoying bonfires in the lavvo (teepee).

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Image of lavvo
Photo of randvik beach
A day at the beach

There are many great places to swim in Risør, from the small town beach at Holmen in the middle of town, to Randvik with two beautiful sandy beaches.

In addition, there are several islets and reefs outside the city with good swimming opportunities.

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Hike to Vakthusheia

A nice hike from the town to Vakthusheia on Barmen, a large island that separates the north and south fjords.

At the top there is a shelter with firepit, overlooking the entire archipelago towards the sea.

View from Vaktuhusheia


Enjoy a dinner with friends, a delicious shellfish platter in your own suite, or take part in an fantastic cooking class.
Dinner on the table
Afternoon Tea in Sigurdsen's house

A few steps away from our suites in Kragsgate there is "Sigurdsen's house", a historic house with an exciting history.

Here you will be welcomed by the hospitable and knowledgeable homeowner Ragnhild Sigurdsen. She serves a delicious Afternoon Tea in the house's elegant living rooms, and tells of the fascinating history of the house and the city.

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food courses
Image of exclusive motorboat
The best of the sea's delicacies served at Tollboden 1865

Risør is known for the quality of its seafood, and one of our most popular offers is a delicious shellfish dinner in our beautiful restaurant.

Dinner consists of locally caught shrimp, lobster or crayfish, crab, steamed mussels, bread and accessories plus a delicious dessert.

The seafood dinner can be booked online as well as accommodation.

Dinner in "chambre séparée"

You can order a festive dinner with a bespoke menu, served either in your own suite or in one of our exclusive dining rooms.

Whether you choose a seafood buffet or a three-course dinner, we prepare everything from scratch with the most use of local produce. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the evening.

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food courses
Wine lecture with wine tasting

Take a tour of the wine world with wine writer and journalist Mads Endresen. Here is a man with a lot of knowledge about wine and who lives for good wines and good stories.

He has several exciting lectures with various themes and wines, such as "Women of wine", "Natural wine" or "Californian wine".

For groups of 4 - 20 people.

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Mads Endresen
Stangholmen Lighthouse
Stangholmen Lighthouse

Taking the short boat trip to Stangholmen is an experience in itself, and at the restaurant in the lighthouse you can enjoy top quality food. From the beautiful terrace there are views both to the town and the sea.

From the restaurant is especially recommended "Stangholmen Bouillabaisse" with seafood served in an iron dish with baguettes and garlic butter.

The restaurant and tavern next door are open from midsummer in june until mid august.

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