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Cooking class with CecilieBoat in the archipelago

Historic sailing and wooden boat experience

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Welcome aboard

Join us for a voyage with the historic sailing ship "Risør II" including a tour of the fascinating coastal heritage center at Moen shipyard.
Sailboat Risør II
Experience and be part of a living history

Risør II is a beautiful boat of the type "Colin Archer" after the famous boat builder, built as a rescue ship in Risør in 1914.

At its peak there were 52 ship and boat builders here in Risør. They lived everywhere, in the fjords and out on the headlands and islands. On all the seas of the world, ships sailed from Risør.

We sail from Risør and into the fjords to the Coastal Heritage Centre at Moen Trebåtbyggeri, one of the oldest and last boat builders still in operation. That operation preserves traditional craftsmanship and knowledge that has been built up over several hundred years.

Here you get a tour and storytelling while watching the boatbuilders at work.

Length: approx. 3 hours

Price: from NOK 700 per person (depending on the number of guests)

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A boat at the shipyard
Sailboat Risør II